Plettenberg Bay

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Day 17 – 20/3 – Arrive Plettenberg Bay

We arrived at Plettenberg Bay late afternoon and were struck by its beauty and lack of tourist development. There are some hotels but they are obscured from view in this photo. The bay is fairly windswept but is fine for sun bathing. A bar/restaurant nestles at the base of the promontory at the base of the sand bar. Simple but nice food was enjoyed over a lazy lunch which also gave us one of the best experiences of our life. While we were eating a school of maybe 6 dolphins swam into the bay and spent about 45 minutes surfing the waves up to nearly the beach. Of course they are inside the waves but they obviously liked the exhilarating ride. Maybe they also enjoyed the view! We had an incredible view of them surfing in and swimming back out and were only 200m away from us. Sadly, I only had my iPhone and it’s not good enough to see much. Our waiter seemed to think we’d enjoyed a rare treat to see so many. Special. The walk out along the sand bar is well worth it.

Plettenberg Bay – Western Cape, South Africa.

Day 18 – 21/3 – Rest

We had a couple of rainy days during our stay but we consoled ourselves by staying in our room overlooking the bay and chilling. It wasn’t cold though.

Review : Plettenberg Bay Hotel. We stayed here for 5 nights in March 2016. It’s a luxury hotel for couples and we were fortunate enough to have booked one of the best rooms with a corner aspect overlooking the pool bay and ocean. The hotel felt more like staying at a rich friends’ beach-side villa with lovely public rooms and a nice restaurant. Breakfast was delightful and a lot of locals seemed to dine there in the evening. Our experience of the dinner was ok but perhaps we were a bit jaded. The staff were excellent, friendly and enthusiastic. Overall the hotel manages that rare thing only the best can do – make you feel at home.

Day 19 – 22/3 – Explore

Having the hire car at our disposal made exploring the area a lot easier. There are quite a few different activities to do around here including nature/game reserves, hiking, zip wires, boat rides etc. We just wanted to potter about and having just been to the Kruger were definitely safari’d out.

Knysna is a nice town to visit. Originally a port for wood logging – before they were all cut down, presumably for the ships visiting Cape Town. It has a fresh clapperboard feel to it that, coupled with the marina, is very relaxing. There are plenty of nice touristy shops in the Waterfront area and a range of good restaurants too.


Day 20 – 23/3 – Explore


Lunch at the East Head Cafe, overlooking the inlet to Knysna Bay, was highly recommended and we weren’t disappointed. Hour-long queues showed us how popular it is, so we booked a table and spent an enjoyable hour walking along a cliff-side nature trail

Their signature cocktail the Pink Hibiscus Gin & Tonic is a must for any man comfortable with his sexuality.

Day 21 – 24/3 – Explore

Noetzie Beach is part of a game reserve and is reached from the main road by a several mile long track leading to the adjacent game reserve. There is a small car park from where you can walk down the fairly long set of steps to the beach. There are a handful of very upmarket villas for rent – well a couple actually look like castles – and the beach is beautiful.

Day 22 – 25/3 – Depart Plettenberg Bay

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